Just Sketch Me


Just Sketch Me provides user friendly interactive character posing tools for sketch artists. They have over 50,000 users and now provide one of the most popular character posing tools.

One problem though, there aren't enough people signing up to the paid subscription to support the software.

Solution? Incentivize users to sign up to paid subscription by providing exclusive characters to paid users.

Our mission? Design and create those characters that fit together as a family and are also user friendly for the client and users.


Design characters that are user friendly, detailed enough but also optimized for web, aesthetically pleasing, and fit together as a collective unit both in design and usability.


We helped Just Sketch Me's subscription grow on an average 61% on a month to month basis and over 1000%  since the implementation of our 3D characters.

From an initial 50 users to now over 500 monthly paid users at the time of writing this.

Production Company

Third dimension studios


Just Sketch Me

Creative Director

Arthur Whitehead

3D Character Modeler

Mark Palmer

Developing a strategy

Our creative director Arthur Whitehead sat down with the founders of Just Sketch Me to develop a strategy, set the right direction for the designing of the character, and problem solve any technical challenges that come with creating characters that need to be easily implemented for web use.

Designing a family

Next Arthur sat down with our character modeler Mike Palmer to discuss the design of these characters, how to create them with usability in mind, how to optimize them web, and how these characters should be developed so that the client can easily implement them for users to play with.

Character Creation

Arthur worked closely with Mark to make sure that the characters were modeled, rigged, optimized and made user friendly while keeping on the timeline for the project.

Introducing the family

After seeing the results of the first child model, Just Sketch Me fell in love and were ready to expand into a whole family of models including a child, young male and female teen, male and female adult, baby as well as a dog and cat.


The subscription base of Just Sketch Me has seen a massive growth in conversions from an initial 50 paid users of their 50,000 total users, to now over 500 monthly paid users since the implementation of our models. A growth of 61% per month on average, over 1000% in total and still steadily growing.

This proved to be a successful project in both conversions, sales and customer happiness. We will continue to develop new characters into the family as our friends at Just Sketch Me continue to grow.

"Send my compliments to your 3D artist. I think the puppets are really good and made with care. They look really beautiful." - Lemuel Massuia

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