How to quickly create stunning product visualization for your client or your business.

In this guide I'm going to show you how to quickly create stunning product visualizations, either for your client if you're a 3D artist or for your own business.

Anyone can learn how to do it, just like learning to do anything the hard part is knowing where to find the right information. But we'll solve that problem for you and teach you what you need to know.

The truth is, it isn't all that difficult to create something that looks great. Our expertise comes in when know how to put together various types of complex projects animation, know what kind of people we need and where to get the right people, and knowing how to achieve a specific look and vision for a project.

But maybe you don't need all that, maybe you just need something simple, that you can change on your own (if you have the time), and that you can use for your own advertising.

And for 3D beginner artists looking to create great looking renders for clients this will help you too. There's a reason why big clients pay big bucks to studios to do their product visualization, It's because a lot of freelancers out there aren't great and It's risky. So this will help you become a better 3D artist and pose less of a risk to wealthy buyers out there and help you make your clients happier.

This will be a complete dummy guide, I'm going to assume you know nothing about 3D rendering and just need something quick and easy. Now if it were a 2 step process studios like us wouldn't exist, but It also doesn't take the brain of  Einstein to create something simple that looks 5 stars.

You just need to know the essentials of what to do, which is what we're going to teach you right now..

Step 1:

To put it simply, It's faster, easier, and cheaper... but let's dive more into detail about all the great benefits of making this move.

I will start by saying in some cases hiring a film studio is probably the better option if you're dealing with things that are highly detailed and very hard to fake like close ups of the human face.

Now I'll list all the benefits of going 3D.
I listed this benefit first because is the most important one. Time is money, meaning the speed at which you can create content for your product influences how much profit you can make. This is more prominent with larger companies like Samsung or Microsoft who are rolling out multiple products a year. Going to a film studio means they you need to ship them the product, they need to hire a crew, expensive cameras, lights, a location etc. And ain't nobody got the time or money for that..

2. Eliminate high costs: 
3. Dominate social media with high end marketing content:
4. Virtual world:
5. Creative freedom:
5. Unique and premium:
I could list a more but that should be enough to convince you why the biggest players are turning to 3D animation studios for all their digital marketing content production and why you should too.

Interested in making the switch?